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A true mix of passion and white knuckled suspense.

Protected (Deadly Secrets) - Elisabeth Naughton

Protected is a true mix of romance and white knuckled suspense. Not only does it grab you emotionally from the start while you connect to both Kelsey and hunters fiery passion, it keeps you on the edge of your seat with all of the suspenseful twists and turns. 


 I loved these two characters together. Kelsey fights to overcome obstacles from childhood, a bad marriage and her life on the line. Hunter, who is not only a family friend but a security expert, has been hired to protect her  and not only steps up to battle the bad guys but also battles her insecurities to win her heart. 


 Protected is part of the series even though it can be read as a standalone or I would have liked to have read the other books in the series 1st do you have a better connection with some of the underlying characters. 


ARC Review